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Society Spotlight: Incredible Edibles

JAGS is brimming with a diverse range of co-curricular groups and activities for our pupils to enjoy, many of which are created and led by the pupils involved. We wanted to celebrate these societies and clubs which so enrich the fabric of our school life.

This week, we have the Incredible Edibles club!

The club, led by our Botany Gardens Manager Mrs Rendel, meets each week to learn more about the fantastic produce grown here at JAGS, the wildlife that shares the school grounds and lend a hand to the restoration of our 1.25 acres of Botany Gardens.

Below, Vishali (Year 7), provides an insight into the aspects of the club she has enjoyed most so far:

  • Each bed is buzzing with wildlife

“In 1896, teacher and botanist Lilian Clarke set up the Botany Gardens here at JAGS.

“Her aim was to create a diverse patchwork of habitats for the pupils to study. Over the years however, the habitats were taken over by brambles and weeds.

“Each bed is buzzing with wildlife. Sprawling brambles offer a home for birds, the jewel-bright tulips are a food source for pollinators, and earthworms trawl through beds of freshly turned earth.

“Every week brings something exciting and new, as well as the feisty robin that comes to rummage in the soil for a worm.

“So far, we have planted tomatoes, marigolds, broad beans, beetroots, raspberries, potatoes, tomatoes, and so much more. We sampled different teas made from camomile, lemon balm, goosegrass and dandelion coffee.

“I have had many wonderful experiences here in Incredible Edibles and I will definitely be joining again in Year 8.”

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