Welcome to James Allen's Girls' School

JAGS has been inspiring and educating pupils for over 270 years. We're the oldest girls' independent school in London. While we are proud of our history – it's made us who we are – we are very much a school of the present and the future. We celebrate the best of the old while embracing the latest innovations and technology.

Our day school pupils are drawn from a dynamic variety of cultural, social and economic backgrounds, with 50 languages spoken at home. We currently have 126 pupils on our own Bursaries, with 51 of them on free places and an average of 89% fee subsidy paid. Diversity is our strength but we share a common purpose: to help all our pupils fulfil their potential. We know we are lucky and that we gain from sharing what we have. 'Good Neighbours' has been our policy for many years. We look outwards and draw people in. We are part of the world around us.

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JAPPS (4-7)

James Allen's Pre-Preparatory School

For first steps in learning, our Pre-Prep school at No 2 Dulwich Village provides a nurturing and secure environment that encourages curiosity. We’ll help each of you to discover a pathway that challenges and rewards.

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JAPS (7-11)

James Allen's Preparatory School

JAPS encourages bigger strides, exploring the world and the children’s own unique place in it. We believe that the self-esteem and self-confidence that comes with knowledge is almost as important as the knowledge itself.

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JAGS (11-18)

James Allen's Girls' School

In the senior school at JAGS whatever you want to do, there’ll be someone here who shares your passion. What’s more, your passion will inspire others. You become independent and ready to take on the world.

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  • Sports news and results 18.05.2015
    Congratulations to the Junior and Intermediate Athletics teams, both winners of  the first round of the National Track and Field Championships last week and will now progress to the South East Regional finals in June. Pictured is Ella Dennis, an outstanding sprinter, with alumna Shani Anderson. Olympic athlete Shani competed in the 4x100m…
  • Looking gorgeous at the Alumnae Reunion Lunch 9 May 2015
    Over 140 feisty former pupils and staff made for a great party of fabulous girls and ladies here on Saturday 9 May. No need for spas and beauty treatments – Headmistress Marion Gibbs claims that everyone at JAGS drinks a special elixir of life; it’s a proven fact that once you’ve left here,…
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