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31st March 2023: Issue 42

Welcome from the Head

Dear Parents

Welcome to the final newsletter of the Spring Term; the dark mornings and evenings of early January seem long distant and we end the term surrounded by daylight and daffodils! What a term it has been, with our students engaged in so many areas of school life; on the sports pitch, in the theatre, on the music stage, not to mention in classrooms, form rooms, trips, House events, charitable giving and so much more. As you have seen from our regular newsletters, not a week goes by without another astonishing range of activities, opportunities and successes.

I hope you enjoy this round-up from the end of term, not least news from our showcase concert at St John’s Smith Square on Wednesday evening. Please do also see my separate end of term letter for further updates on key areas.

Wishing the whole JAGS community a wonderful Easter break,

With best wishes

Mrs Alex Hutchinson

Dates for your Diary

  • Friday 31 March – Term Ends
  • Monday 24 April – Summer Term begins
  • Thursday 27 April – Years 8 & 9 Italian Trip to Naples
  • Monday 1 May – Bank Holiday
  • Friday 5 May -5.30pm – Joint Evensong with Dulwich College, Christ’s Chapel, Dulwich
  • Saturday 1 July – 10.30am to 3pm – Founder’s Day 2023






Reporting Absences

A reminder to all parents to use this form to report absence in the Senior School due to illness or to request absence for appointments. This form can also be found on our Contact page.

Additionally, when informing a teacher of any health issues your daughter may be facing, please remember to cc or School Nurse team on Nurse@jags.org.uk





Key Stage 3 Update

As the Spring Term draws to a close we can look back over a busy and rewarding term. The girls have worked hard and played hard. It has been a pleasure to see so many of them heading off on trips and activities that we missed so much during the pandemic.

Our residential visit to Hindleap Warren proved a recent highlight, with the constant mud and rain doing nothing to dampen the high spirits throughout.

Katya Balen – Yoto Carnegie Medal Winning novelist – came to run creative writing workshops with Years 7 and 9, with the Year 8s also able to meet her during a lunchtime book signing in the library. It’s so important to keep literature alive and I hope that all of the girls got a lot out of their sessions with this successful author. We have so many superbly talented writers at JAGS and they must not forget about all of the creative competitions available to them so that they can showcase their talent.

Myfanwy Bournon, Head of KS3

  • Continued

    It was an absolute pleasure to see our musicians out in force at the Spring Concert and St John’s Smith Square Orchestral Concert.

    The programme allowed our instrumentalists and vocalists to join forces and it was wonderful to see so many KS3 musicians in the ranks.

    I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a restful holiday, a blessed Ramadan and a Happy Easter.

Key Stage 4 Update

Our wonderful, Music Department have put on two big external concerts in the last fortnight, involving many members of Years 10 and 11 and we are so proud of each performer! They were both fantastic occasions.

The last two weeks of term have also been extremely busy with House Music, Interhouse sport, a Japanese trip to Japan House, a Religious Studies trip to Walsingham for some of our Year 11 students, Year 10 Drama students performing their Component 2 pieces and a Year 11 GCSE PE revision day.

After such a busy Spring Term, I hope that everyone makes the most of the time off and factors in some time for rest and relaxation ahead of next term.

Anna Jones, Head of Key Stage 4

Sixth Form Update

As the end of term approaches, the weeks seem to be increasingly busy; lots of events, talks and activities going on, undertaken by wonderfully enthusiastic, positive and committed Sixth Form students who are taking responsibility for themselves and others on their #SixthFormjourneytogether.

It is an utter joy and privilege to support them in any way that we can. Compassion, kindness and care for others, effecting positive change in the world around us is a crucial element of ‘success’ (amongst its many definitions) within the Sixth Form community and is represented by two fantastic upcoming endeavours.

Mat Weeks, Head of Sixth Form

  • Charity Challenges

    In addition to the story mentioned last time about Caitlin (Year 13) and Caoimhe (Year 12) who will, by the time this newsletter is published, have rowed the equivalent of a marathon in the quad in order to raise awareness and funds for Women’s Aid, 12 students, led by Miss Hubble (and supported by me) will be undertaking a World Challenge trip to Nepal in July.

    The preparation and team-building day was held on Saturday and the World Challenge guide facilitator was thoroughly impressed by the nuanced, sensitive and considerate thoughts and comments from the JAGS students as they considered their role as volunteers in other people’s space. The theme of the volunteering is gender equity and the team will be guided by local people to assist victims of abuse appropriately in a variety of different ways. This will be followed by a trek in the foothills of the Himalayas. Great adventures and experiences lie ahead.

  • Benchball

    Fun and healthy competition are great for fostering a happy community and it was wonderful to see the Inter-form benchball competition taking place in the Sports Hall yesterday.

    A massive thank you to Emily and Ms Thomson and the PE team for organising the matches.

    Form Tutors got involved too! Strike a pose
    Mr Billington!

  • Looking ahead

    There will be plenty of opportunity to thank the outgoing Year 13 Student Leaders at the start of next term, as we introduce the next cohort of successful applicants. However, at the end of their last week ‘in post’ it seems appropriate to highlight that the Head Girl, House Captain, School Prefects and Subject Prefects have done an astounding job this year and the whole school community is very grateful for their commitment, leadership, enthusiasm and kindness.

    We know that big things lie ahead for this talented group! Year 13s and Year 12s have competing priorities over the Easter break; they must endeavour to strike the right balance between fun, co-curricular activities, academic preparation for Assessments and A Levels, and, importantly, the three R’s of rest, recharge and relaxation. We hope that they all have a productive three weeks in order to have a fulfilling and successful Summer term. Happy Easter everyone!

Founder’s Day 2023

Save the date

We are delighted to announce that Founder’s Day 2023 will be held on Saturday 1 July.






There was huge excitement last week as the 10 eggs under the care of our Science Department began hatching in our Biology laboratory.

The news prompted delight among our pupils who enjoyed welcoming the adorable chicks into the world and provides a clear sign that Easter will soon be upon us.

The chicks have now been rehomed with people who are strong supporters of animal welfare.



UK Chemistry Olympiad

In January, Sixth Form chemists sat the UK Chemistry Olympiad. Designed to challenge and inspire, the Olympiad is a unique opportunity for students to push themselves further and excel in the chemistry field. Budding chemists develop critical problem-solving skills, learn to think more creatively and get a chance to test their knowledge in new, real-world situations. This year, question applications included rocket fuels, the Pauling scale of electronegativity, amino acid complexes, vaping, and even a question on Liz Truss and cheese!

We are absolutely thrilled that so many students signed up, and are delighted to award the following:

Louise Hussein, Acting Head of Chemistry

  • Participation Awards

    • Azrah
    • Orna
    • Kavika
    • Daamini
    • Shaan
  • Bronze Awards

    • Jessie
    • Solene
    • Mailyn
    • Rosie
    • Viola
    • Iris
    • Myfanwy
    • Poppy
    • Anna
  • Silver Awards

    • Emily
    • Caitlin
    • Alice
  • Gold Awards

    Achieving a score within the top 9.2% of candidates across the country:

    • Esme


  • Chemistry Revision Breakfasts

    This Half Term, the Chemistry department have been running Year 13 Chemistry Revision Breakfasts.

    From 8.15am, girls have arrived with travel mugs in-hand to sample Miss Hussein’s speciality Bunsen Brews (hot chocolate and Turkish Coffee!), tuck into croissants, hot cross buns and muffins, and kick-start their morning with some revision!

    The atmosphere has been focussed and supportive, and we are really proud with the effort our A-level chemists are putting in to their revision.

    Sessions will continue to run on Tuesdays and Thursdays right up until study leave.




As the Spring Term draws to a close, we mark the end of a busy and successful fortnight for our talented JAGS musicians.

On Friday 20 March, our music scholars staged a beautiful lunchtime performance at St Bride’s Church, Fleet Street. This is a great opportunity for our music scholars to perform solo but this year we were also treated to an ensemble featuring four of them together. Hot on the heels of that we had our Spring Concert in the Vaughan Williams Auditorium here at JAGS.

And finally rounding off the term, the annual Choral and Orchestral Concert took place in the iconic St John’s Smith Square and was a truly magnificent evening.

The programme included a couple of Holst’s works to whet our appetite before his 150th anniversary next year. Well done to all the pupils who took part and special mention to the soloists.

Thank you to our wonderful Music Department for organising the series of magical events!


Year 9 Volcano competition

As covered in our previous newsletter,  Year 9 Geography pupils constructed an array of outstanding volcano models as part of their independent homework projects this term.

Their creations stood proudly in Holst Hall and were judged across a number of criteria by a selection of highly-impressed teachers and Sixth Form pupils.

Follow the links below for the complete list of winners:


7K Poetry Slam

Earlier this week, pupils from 7K gathered in the Prissian Theatre to take part in a closely contested poetry slam, with beautiful and thought-provoking performances throughout.

Congratulations to Ina for her winning poem entitled Who cares?

The poem was originally written last year, while Ina was still in Year 6, but was adapted to reflect the incredible work our Charity Club and Islamic Society is doing to support the Southern Women’s Aid Network (SWAN).

Follow the link below to read Ina’s poem in full: 

  • Who cares?

    • Who cares?

    by Ina (Year 7)

    Long nights of darkness and of grey
    No rays of brilliant sun
    That’s how it feels to be all alone
    No laughter and no fun

    So maybe if I were drowning
    or coming close to death
    Or maybe I were suffocating
    Or breathing my last breath

    Nobody would care for me
    For I do not matter in this world
    That folks is what “hard knock life” is like
    And it really takes its toll

    But now my life is normal
    I have lunch dinner and tea
    But now I must mention the SWAN charity
    It is them we should thank not me

    It started as a mission
    to feed every man on the streets
    To give them food and shelter
    And somewhere to rest their feet

    And without them I wouldn’t be smiling
    Sitting here with a family of six
    In a nice old house in Kent
    With two goats and a hutch full of chicks

    But I’ll never forget the hard times
    When my life was pointless and mean
    And when I had no money
    And when my clothes were never clean

    So, one sunny morning I met the swans
    And said we’d make a great team
    I want to help people like you do
    Let’s be someone’s sun beam

    So if we come round to your house
    And you ask us why we care
    Will answer cus each soul is wonderful
    And each soul deserves care

    So remember the date
    a reply would be great
    but meanwhile you know what to do
    Spread the smile around
    It’s free not a pound
    And remember care for you.

Society Spotlight

JAGS is brimming with a diverse range of co-curricular groups and activities for our pupils to enjoy, many of which are created and led by the pupils involved. We wanted to celebrate these societies and clubs which so enrich the fabric of our school life.

This week, we have the Islamic Society (ISOC).

The group play an important role at JAGS and, in tandem with our Charity Club, recently organised a brilliant whole school assembly and fundraising event for the Southern Women’s Aid Network (SWAN)– a London-based charity which supports families across the capital and abroad. Food stalls ran by ISOC raised an incredible £480.16 in just one hour.

Earlier this year, ISOC also presented an important assembly regarding the treatment of Muslim women worldwide.

Below Inaya and Sophia from Year 12 explain more about ISOC and the important role it plays in our community:

  • What inspired you to join ISOC?

    Inaya: “As the founder and current leader of ISOC I decided to embark on this journey as I felt that when I was younger and now as well, it is nice to have a community which I can meet with regularly who I share my religion in common with. This allows me to express my religious side at school and practise with likeminded individuals.”

    Sophia: “What inspired me to join ISOC was the opportunity to be a part of a group where I am free to talk about my religion and beliefs with other students who practise the same faith. It brings about a sense of community which makes the JAGS environment feel safe and familiar to me.”

  • What do enjoy about the role?

    Inaya: “I enjoy interacting with both Muslims and non-Muslims across a multitude of year groups. This allows me to create deep, meaningful, and lasting bonds with members of both our religious community (the Ummah) and our school community.”

    Sophia: “Being a part of ISOC has allowed me to meet new people from different cultures – sharing the same religion has brought us all together. I enjoy conversing with different years on the current affairs of our religion globally and the texts (Surahs) from the holy Qur’an.”

  • What do you get up to week-to-week?

    Inaya: “We meet every Friday during lunch, and this tends to be followed by a prayer together.

    “We discuss a diverse range of topics, ranging from discussing religious texts, our goals and Islamic role models to general conversations around any topic and sharing advice.”

  • Advice for pupils thinking of joining?

    Inaya: “I would tell pupils that ISOC is open to anyone whatever their religious beliefs, identity, year etc. We aim to run a society which is inclusive and open to all. There is no commitment to the society so do not feel the obligation to come every week. We are excited to see those who want to learn more and hope to create a welcoming atmosphere for all.

    “Ultimately, it is a dedicated time during the week to discuss topics important to members and reflect. What we discuss is typically influenced by the members and it is an informal discussion with a conversational tone.”

    Sophia: “ISOC welcomes anyone who has the time and the open-mindedness to listen and learn about our religion regardless of their culture or religion. Everyone is welcome and we are always open to suggestions with what topics ISOC members would like to discuss and we strive to make sure everyone’s voice is heard.”

  • What inspired your whole school assemblies?

    Inaya: “This year we produced and presented an assembly around the topic of female role models within Islam and the treatment of Muslim women worldwide. This topic was chosen by members of ISOC and presented by them too.

    “Our aim was to debunk many common myths and mistruths around these topics, we believe we were successful due to the feedback received from both students and teachers. We hope to continue presenting whole school assemblies throughout both this year and years to come as we believe it is the optimal way to convey important messages to the whole school community.”

  • Any exciting plans for the future?

    Inaya: “Following on from our successful charity event for SWAN (Southern Women’s Aid Network), which we hosted in collaboration with the Charity Club, we hope to make this an annual event which will continue with the next generation of ISOC members.

    “In this event, the theme was ‘Islam Around the World’. We highlighted the diverse cultures represented within members of ISOC by selling food from these countries as well as henna and Arabic calligraphy. The event was a great success with member of our JAGS community flooding Holst Hall and getting involved with something that is both a core pillar within Islam (giving to charity) and an important aspect of JAGS. The feedback I received after hosting this event was phenomenal and I hope to continue this over the coming year.”

    Sophia: “Since our recent charity event was so successful, I would like to host a charity event for Eid al-Adha. This will occur during school time, a few days before Eid where there will be lots of fun stalls with cultural cooking and games for all years to enjoy. The aim is to donate all the money collected from this event to the charity Islamic Relief so that less fortunate Muslims around the world will have enough money/ food to celebrate Eid themselves.”


Climate Cafe

Our Eco Champions organised a well-attended Climate Café last week.

The event provided an opportunity for pupils to discuss anxieties surrounding the current challenges facing the planet, as well as acting as a forum in which to share practical tips on how to make a difference in our own lives.

There was also time to conduct a series of fun taste tests between sustainable and non-sustainable treats!

  • Waste reduction

    During Eco Week earlier this year, a Food Waste trial was conducted to measure the amount of food going untouched by the end of the lunchtime period.

    This helped to provide a benchmark upon which we could improve as we looked to decrease waste across the school site.

    We are proud to announce that a follow-up trial this week recorded a 12kg reduction in food waste.





Our Sixth Form Spanish students recently enjoyed a weekend in Madrid. The days were filled with cultural visits, lots of walking and we even found some time for some shopping.

We had a walking tour of the city centre, passing through many historical sites, such as la Puerta de Alcalá, la Puerta del Sol, la Plaza Mayor and el Palacio Real. We visited two museums where we were able to admire famous works of art, such as Picasso’s Guernica in the Reina Sofia Museum and Velazquez’s Meninas in the Prado Museum. We also visited Real Madrid’s Bernabeu Stadium.

As always, our students were exemplar in their behaviour and it was a delight to spend time with them in Spain.

Luisa Alonso, Teacher of Spanish 


Katya Balen

Earlier this week, JAGS had the pleasure of welcoming Yoto Carnegie Medal winning author Katya Balen.

Throughout the day, she led a series of fun workshops which included challenging pupils to describe the sensation of eating a sherbet lemon from the perspective of the main character in her award-winning October, October who has lived her entire life off the grid in the woods.

You can read a selection of pupils’ submissions below.

Following this Katya spent time chatting with pupils during a lunchtime book signing in the library.

It was a brilliant event and we would like to thank Katya for being so generous with her time! The day provided an experience our pupils won’t quickly forget!


  • Rishika

    It tastes sweet and sour at the same time like an apple but more sour. I can feel it rolling around my mouth like a sweet pebble slowly dissolving in my mouth as I get nearer the centre a strange fixing sensation tickles my tongue. Lucy Lovell
    It feels like a wet cuboid, sweet but it has a tangy flavour that prickles and pokes your taste buds. As I savour it, flavour keeps oozing out and it keeps getting smaller and smaller. It reminds me of sweet mint on some sweet-salty and feels like a rock, a smooth one

  • Jasmine

    The crinkle of the wrapper, it’s like skipping in leaves,
    Just back at home, dad and me
    A bright yellow shine the rising of dawn,
    It’s sour and sweet not bitter and strong
    Smelling funny different and fake
    Not loving and sweet like flowers awake.

  • Thalia

    The sound it crinkles. The smooth feel of the wrapping in my hand. Soft. I place the yellow block in my mouth and roll my tongue around it. I taste in the tanginess and sweet that it contains. As my tongue explores it, the powder melts in my mouth, and the taste remains. How strange I think.

  • Nana

    I had a weird yellow ovaly thing which smelt like something I have smelt before. It also tasted like an expired pomegranate or in simple word really, really weird. It looked like the sun from how I have seen it. The yellow rock pebble thing had a weird taste. After I had finished I really don’t like it I feel like my dad would like this.

  • Idil

    I can’t believe the taste, it’s like the sweetest thing I had before… what was it honey yes honey it tastes like happy buzzing bees and the texture is like the rippling water on a stream.

  • Ava

    I slowly unravelled the plastic coating, a rectangle sweet with rounded edges. The marble effect was entrancing different shades of yellow swirled around. I cautiously out it in my dry mouth. My tongue explored around the sweet. Its floral taste was unlike anything I had had; the sour tastes fulfilled desires I never knew I had. A tingly feeling on my tongue was exciting; the sugar swam down my throat. My tongue was pinched as it got caught in a crevice.


The JAGS Careers Department has once again been busy helping organise valuable networking events and work experience to help our pupils as they contemplate their next steps.

Follow the tabs below to find out more:

  • Careers Week

    JAGS students celebrated Careers Week with two lunchtime events and a Green Careers Treasure Hunt.

    The events this year, considered careers in Museums with a focus on some popular job choices and some of the roles that students might never have realised they could do. The second session allowed students to think about future involvement in a business role and creating solutions to tackle the world’s environmental crisis.

    Each day during Careers Week, a new career was showcased with resources add to teams. These included roles in the NHS, Maritime careers, Inspiring Tomorrow’s Engineers and Careers in Space.

  • So you want to be . . . a Civil Servant?

    A group of students joined a LIVE webinar at lunchtime on Thursday 23 March, with guest speaker George Oyebode talking about his Civil Service role and entry to the Civil Service Fast Track Programme.

    The students asked lots of questions, ranging from A level choices to opportunities to use language skills for engaging in projects with other countries.



Fifty students from across the Southwark Schools’ Learning Partnership (SSLP) gathered in our very own VWA last week to participate in a workshop for WRITE ON ART, a national competition run by the Paul Mellon Centre for British Art for students in Years 10 to 13.

We were lucky enough to be visited by some fabulous speakers; Esme Boggis, the Learning Officer at the Paul Mellon Centre, guided us through the application process, and Lucy West, Assistant Curator at the Dulwich Picture Gallery, spoke to us about different ways of thinking and writing about art.

After the break, both Esme and Lucy led students in writing workshops – with students responding to a range of artworks from Poussin’s The Triumph of David to White Doors by Hammershoi, an intriguing image of open doors leading to empty spaces. There were some fabulous ideas discussed and students from the different schools shared their poems and inspired writings with the groups in a great finale!

Thank you to the Paul Mellon Centre and Dulwich Picture Gallery for inspiring so much creativity, and to the SSLP for bringing so many creative minds together!

Rachel Dow, Head of Art History

JAGS wins SSLP Sixth Form Science Competition

Congratulations to Esme, Caty and Lillie who were crowned winners of the annual SSLP Sixth Form Science Competition last week.

The pupils, better known collectively as Team Planckton (a pun on Planck’s constant), overcame an incredible array of challenging questions on famous scientists, engineering, a photo round, and general science knowledge, to emerge victorious.

During the event, staged at Alleyn’s School, they fought off fierce competition from teams made up of students from Alleyn’s, Charter East, Dulwich College, St Joseph’s and Trinity School.



A fantastic end to a busy term of sport. We now say goodbye to our Year 13 netball and hockey players, who played their last school matches. We thank you for your commitment and enthusiasm to school sport over the past seven years.

This year has seen us enter and participate in more competitions than ever before and we have had notable success, becoming National Schools Biathlon Champions with our Year 11 team and another personal highlight was the swimming team finishing 3rd in the National Freestyle Relay at the London Aquatic Centre. Both achievements are fantastic and are a sign of the pupils’ hard work and dedication to their sports. Participation levels are up as well, we have played 267 competitive fixtures, across 12 different sports with a staggering 68% of all Year 7 pupils participating in a competitive fixture, up from 62% this time last year. We are also hovering around the 50% mark of all Year 11 pupils having played a competitive fixture, showing that the retention rate in sport, which is so important, is also improving year on year.

We now move away from our Winter sports and hope to enjoy the warmer weather and the Summer Term sports on offer. The co-curricular programme will be sent to all pupils over the Easter Holidays and I would appreciate you encouraging your daughter to participate in a co-curricular sports club throughout the Summer Term.

Michael Golding, Director of Sport

Each year, to mark pupils’ success and progress we distribute a number of awards and colours. Follow the links below to learn more: 

  • Cup Awards

    • The Head Cup for Most Improved KS3 Netball player:

    Ava (Year 9)

    • The Johnson Cup for the Most Improved KS3 swimmer:

    Delyth (Year 9)

    • The Clare Leung Cup for most improved KS3 hockey player:

    Charlotte (Year 9)

    • The Frizzelle Cup for commitment to school netball:

    Polly and Emily (Year 13)

    • The Swimming Cup for commitment to school swimming:

    Olivia (Year 13)

    • The Sofalarin Cup for Most Valuable Senior Hockey Player(s):

    Ana and Jenna (Year 13)


  • Half Colours

    Colours and Half Colours are awarded at the end of the Spring Term and are an opportunity for the department to reflect on how successful the pupils have been across all of our sports.

    Half Colours are awarded to pupil who have shown a good level of commitment and ability to a sport over the term.

    Congratulations to:

    • Junior Hockey

    Cecila, Phoebe, Monica, Alice and Florence 

    • Intermediate Hockey

    Anna, Tallulah, Charlotte, Tabitha, Lily and Annabelle

    • Senior Hockey

    Poppy, Eva and Rosie

    • Intermediate Indoor Hockey

    Eloise, Roisin, Freya, Claudia, Jaya, Trinity and Abigail

    • Senior Indoor Hockey

    Poppy, Eva and Rosie

    • Junior Cross Country

    Arabella, Jojo, Amber, Idil, Alexis, Camille and Lara

    • Intermediate Cross Country


    • Junior Football

    Izzy, Dom, Nana and Thalia

    • Junior Netball

    Izzy, Amy, Phoebe, Thalia, Megan, Jackie, Chloe, Ines, Pyale, Oyin and September

    • Intermediate Netball

    Nia, Amy, Imogen, Rania, Sylvie, Rosie, Eloise, Tallulah, Freya, Daniella and Chloe. 

    • Senior Netball

    Eva, Zoe, Tessa and Bethan 

    • Junior Swimming

    Flo, Amy, Seren, Charlotte, Chloe, Eliska, Sophie, Bethany, Avni, Jade, Sophie, Devika, Coco, Idil, Willow, Lakshaya, Daphne, Serena, Esme, Jessica, Felicity, Merryleas, Chelsy and Anvi

    • Junior Biathlon

    India, Izzy, Arabella, Olivia, Sephie, Dom, Amber, Zoe, Merryleas, Idil, Alexis, Sophie and Willow

    • Junior Fencing

    Avery, Sophie and Zoe

    • Senior Fencing


    • Junior Climbing

    Vicky, Emily, Arabella and Sofia 

    • Intermediate Climbing

    Phoebe, Nicole and Nerys

  • Colours

    Colours are awarded to pupils who have demonstrated an outstanding level of performance and commitment to a sport over the term.

    Congratulations to:

    • Junior Hockey

    September, Emily and Isobel

    • Intermediate Hockey

    Imogen J, Ava, Eloise, Freya, Imogen W, Roisin and Katie

    • Senior Hockey

    Ana, Jenna, Isla and Maya

    • Senior Indoor Hockey

    Ana, Sumati, Imogen and Isla

    • Junior Cross Country

    Honor, Ines, Florence, Martha and Izzy 

    • Senior Cross Country

    Phoebe, Zoha, Eva, Myfanwy, Trinity, Megan and

    • Junior Football

    Zoe and Rose 

    • Intermediate Football

    Ayla and Charlotte 

    • Senior Football


    • Junior Netball

    Maria, Emily and Marly

    • Intermediate Netball

    Margaret, Gargy, Elizabeth, Annabelle, Ava and Olivia

    • Senior Netball

    Olivia, Isla, Chanelle, Mary, Emma, Eva, Rosie, Emily, Polly, Sofia 

    • Junior Swimming


    • Intermediate Swimming

    Delyth and Anna 

    • Senior Swimming

    Elsa and Olivia

    • Intermediate Biathlon

    Megan, Zoha and Isobel

    • Intermediate Fencing

    Paula and Emilia 

    • Senior Fencing


    • Junior Climbing

    Olivia, Evie, Arabella and Sofia

    • Senior Climbing

    Hannah, Lizzie, Rosie and Radhika

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