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Dulwich Olympiad: Singapore 2024

Earlier this year, JAGS was invited invited to join Dulwich College for the third Dulwich Olympiad in Singapore – a week-long celebration of art, drama, music and sport.

Read more about what our athletes made of the memorable trip below: 

“We spent 10 days in Singapore competing at the Dulwich Olympiad. Each morning, we woke at 6am but it was worth it for the delicious breakfast buffet we were served.

“Over the course of five days, we competed in badminton, swimming, athletics, football, basketball and netball. It was really fun to try some new sports that we don’t do at JAGS, such as basketball, as well as doing more familiar ones such as swimming. However, we learnt that doing sports in the tropical heat of Singapore is very different to London and had to make sure to stay in the shade and hydrated when we could.

“My highlight was winning a gold medal in basketball as we lost our first match by ten points but managed to improve significantly to win all of our games, and eventually beating the team we originally lost to in the final!

“Alongside the sport we also spent time exploring Singapore, my favourite activity was visiting Universal Studios, going down the slides in the water park, trying all the delicious food in multiple food courts but especially Newton Food Centre, walking around Marina Bay and seeing the light show!” Elizabeth (Y9)


“It was an amazing experience to race and train in an outdoor pool and I absolutely loved having the sun on my back as I trained. It was my first time racing internationally and it was incredible to race against people from all across the world. My favourite part of the swimming at Singapore was the morning training. It was a great way to start the day, with a new group of swimmers to get to know and a great coach (Tracy Palmer). Another fun thing about the swimming was when we did mixed relays as it gave JAGS and Dulwich College London a chance to put their talent together in one race. It also gave me a chance to race with new people which I absolutely love doing. Overall, the swimming at Singapore was incredible and I already miss it.”  Martha (Y9) 


“Badminton was a fantastic experience for all year groups as it was a chance to play against and with all of the different Dulwich College schools. The Singapore school had so many badminton courts which meant we could watch so many different matches being played but best of all was the badminton Sports Hall which had air con! Overall, across the age groups we won bronze and silver within badminton but everyone who competed did incredibly well!”  Temi (Y12)


“The day we spent at the Singapore National Stadium – the home of athletics – was a wonderful experience. We arrived at the track at 7am and left around 3.30pm with students from every year getting the opportunity to compete. I represented JAGS in the 200m, shot and javelin  which I placed first in. Then I took part in the U15 relay and the U18 mixed relay which we dominated in.

“JAGS also did extraordinarily well in the U13, U15 and U18 relay even though the weather was scorching! Our teachers were very pleased with the way we represented JAGS! After a strenuous day, JAGS and Dulwich College pulled through with several medals. This was one my favourite days of the Olympiad trip and can’t wait to repeat in four years time. It was not just an opportunity to mix with other schools but also an amazing chance to test ourselves and attain new personal bests. Despite the fact that athletics was not everyone’s main sport, we all competed incredibly well!” Emilia (Y9)


“The final day of sport saw the much-anticipated netball match between mixed teams of JAGS, DCSG girls and Dulwich College.

“Although the Dulwich College boys were taught the rules of netball just 48 hours before by Miss Whyte, they were still very confident that they were going to be the stars of the show. Their netball abilities certainly didn’t disappoint. In the opening stages of the match, the hall was filled with laughter as the boys quickly realised that they were not as good as they imagined, but quickly got the hang of the rules.

“This fantastic afternoon of netball ended up being a wonderful chance to participate in new sports and was a great opportunity to bond with different schools.” Annabelle (Y9)


“Playing football in Singapore was a remarkable experience filled with cultural immersion, friendly competition, and unforgettable memories. The Singapore schools vibrant football scene reflects its diverse population and passion for the sport. One of the most captivating aspects of football in Singapore is the opportunity to interact with players from various backgrounds and countries.

“The sport serves as a common language, bridging gaps between people of different nationalities, ethnicities, and ages. Engaging in matches with teammates and opponents from diverse cultures fosters camaraderie and mutual respect, enriching the overall experience. Moreover, Singapore DC’s modern facilities and organized leagues provide players with ample opportunities to develop their skills and compete at different levels.

“From recreational matches to competitive tournaments, there is something for everyone, regardless of proficiency. Post-match gatherings often involve sharing stories over delicious local dishes, further strengthening bonds forged on the field. In essence, playing football in Singapore transcends the physical activity, offering a gateway to forge lasting friendships, and create enduring memories that linger long after the final whistle.” Pyale (Y9)

“During the Olympiad, the U13 team joined forces with students from Dulwich College Beijing. Over the course of playing together, we bonded as a team and grew very close. Our defence was superb, rarely letting a goal in while our attack scored so many goals which took us to the final. Ultimately, we finished second place but that didn’t dishearten us for long. We all swapped shirts and signed them. We had the most wonderful time playing together and making new friendships which will last a lifetime.” Isabelle (Y8)

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