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Year 12 students discuss the benefits of volunteering at the Pre-Prep School

Since the end of the Autumn term, many of us in Year 12 have been volunteering to help at our Pre-Prep School.

Students have either been assisting in lessons, or helping in the computing room each week. Georgie, who has been assisting in Pre-Prep computing lessons, said, “ I have thoroughly enjoyed working at the Pre-Prep so far. Every Monday lunchtime, Hannah and I meet the girls in the computing room for an online drawing activity. Each week the girls use a different section of the programme so that they can experiment with a range of online art and progress their computing skills at the same time.”

There is variation in the ages of Pre-Prep pupils that we have worked with, some of us are helping with Reception, and others are working with Years 1 and 2. Alex, who was working with a Reception class says that she has found the experience, “fulfilling and enlightening as they always seem to have something to share and to tell you. They also have incredible imaginations!”

Furthermore, Mimaru, who has also been working with Reception pupils says, “This experience has provided me with vital skills such as communication and responsibility, but more importantly great memories with the Reception students. For example, we did a cutting and sticking activity where we had to form a Chinese dragon to celebrate Lunar New Year.”

Anji who has been working with a Year 2 class each week says that it has “aided my comprehensive communication and this enriching opportunity has given me the chance to develop my patience and understanding while working with the young children.”

Gaby has also been working with Year Two and helping them with work on topics such as the animals of the ocean and the Great Fire of London. She says she has, “thoroughly enjoyed seeing the children progress whilst simultaneously improving my skills of effective and targeted communication.”

This opportunity has been highly valuable for all students involved who have had the chance to explore a role of leadership that will benefit them, and the students they assist, in later life. We would like to thank Mrs Channon and her team of teachers who have given us this wonderful opportunity.

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