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Year 12 students take part in new mentorship scheme for Year 6 pupils

Since September, Year 12 students have been mentoring pupils in Year 6 at our Prep School.

Meeting weekly, they have developed new relationships and encouraged one another with much fun and laughter. The project for the Autumn term was focused on ‘good wellbeing’. Each group was given one of the five examples of how to practise good wellbeing, and groups spent time talking through ideas about how this can be put into practice. These examples were connect, learn, be active, take notice and give, otherwise known to the Junior School as CLANG. This week, the project culminated in the pupils giving assemblies to share their ideas for good wellbeing at the Pre-Prep, Prep and Senior School.

Speaking about the project, Head of Year 12 Dr Parrish said, ‘It has been lovely to see how all girls involved have been enriched from participating in this, such as increased confidence which was clearly seen when they presented their assembly and how they made their talk relevant and accessible to the particular part of the school that they were presenting to. The Year 12 students have been exemplar role models to Year 6 who are learning how to be role models to the younger pupils in the Junior School.’

The project is continuing this term, and pupils are planning a charity theme and hope to have a fundraising event before Easter.

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