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JAGS students enjoy collaborative days learning about sustainability with Dulwich College

After several weeks of planning with our colleagues at Dulwich College, last week was a fantastic week of collaboration between the two schools across year groups, with a shared focus on sustainability. Our students in Years 7, 8 and 12 worked on a huge range of projects, from clay coral to designing sustainable cities. Our students have shared some of their thoughts below.

Pascale, Year 7 

I really enjoyed our Year 7 DC/JAGS collaboration day earlier this week. I was in a group of 9 JAGS girls and 8 DC boys based at JAGS and working with our Art department. Our challenge was to design a completely sustainable city. Each group was given the different components of a city (emergency services, places of worship, places of leisure, and so on). We had shops and landmarks. After sketching out a few ideas, we all went down to the VWA, and drew out our ideas with coloured pens on a big roll of paper on the floor. I feel like we all learned about co-operating with others.

Indira , Year 7  

My group was focusing on coral and made our own coral out of clay. My favourite part of the day was making our pottery pieces because I liked the various shapes and types of corals we could make. I learnt how to collaborate with other people I may have not met before, such as the boys from Dulwich College in my group and other students from JAGS who I’d not met yet.

Salma, Year 7 

Our group was focusing on making a bug hotel out of thin wooden planks, it was great as I learnt how to use a saw and a drill which I had never used before. My favorite bit of the day was lunchtime because their food was amazing!

Aisha, Year 12 

When I heard that climate change would be the focus of the day’s events, I was initially a little skeptical; I thought I already knew all about global warming’s devastating impact on Earth. However, as the day progressed, I came to understand that the issue of global warming was more prevalent and urgent than I had primarily considered. Although there were many memorable events, talks from the guest speakers struck me the most, as we learned about climate change from individuals personally involved in fighting for our planet’s survival. Furthermore, I enjoyed writing pledges to help Earth’s climate crisis, and valued discussing related views amongst DC and JAGS students. During my concluding reflection, I expressed the importance of humanity’s responsibility as consumers, to shop sustainably (as much as possible), be that food or other material commodities. Once the day was over, I felt I had a renewed appreciation for Earth, and will endeavour to help heal it as much as I can.

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