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JAGS Alumna Dharshini David gives talk to Year 9 Geographers

Dharshini David, economist, broadcaster, journalist and former JAGS student came in to talk to Year 9 about some of the concepts and issues they have been studying in her book The Almighty Dollar.

Dharshini highlighted the changing nature of the world economy in terms of power, resources and priorities. She fielded numerous amazing questions from the students on transnational corporations, China, USA, trade as well as her career and book writing process.

In speaking about the talk, Eemaan said: “I found the talk incredibly inspiring, especially since Dharshini David is a JAGS alumna. It really broadened my horizons and aspirations for future career opportunities seeing what a JAGS girl can do later in life. It has motivated me to take Economics for an A Level and helped me make my GCSE choices too. Dharshini herself was really engaged with the audience and answered questions affably. Overall a stimulating speech.”

Anvita said, “I really enjoyed the personal element to the talk as she was an ex JAGS student. Overall, it was an engaging and informative experience with many great ideas, clear answers and a well-spoken talk.”

Malathi said, “I really enjoyed the talk given by Dharshini David, I found her book very interesting. Her concept of tracking one single dollar to see the globalised connections between countries was really intriguing and I hope to learn more about globalisation this way.”

A big thank you to Dharshini for coming back to JAGS to speak to our Year 9 students so passionately about her work.

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