JAGS Sixth Form will help you to flourish as young adults. Through an ambitious and supportive environment you will be encouraged to have high aspirations both academically, and in an extra-curricular sense; ensuring that you maximise your individual potential both inside and outside of the classroom. The people, facilities and learning environment of our Sixth Form, underpinned by our warm, personalised and student-centred approach, will provide you with the tools you require to achieve your goals successfully.

The love of learning that you have developed through your earlier school years will be enhanced. In the Sixth Form you will be encouraged to take responsibility for your progress and achievements, recognising that truly successful learners are those that show independence, flair and take risks, reflecting, processing and learning from any setbacks along the way. 

A fun, dynamic group of up to two hundred girls, the Sixth Form is structured so that you can take new directions supported by what is reassuringly familiar. Your tutor group will consist of a mix of Year 12 and Year 13 students, enabling you to learn from and guide your Sixth Form colleagues, enriching the experience for everyone. Year 13 students are often best placed to provide study, work and future pathway advice to eager, inquisitive Year 12s, in addition to the team of experienced and knowledgeable tutors. You will usually share a subject in common with those in your tutor group and your tutor, but will also benefit from discussions within your tutor group about unfamiliar issues; learning, debating and becoming aware about topics beyond your chosen A Levels, in a familiar, safe, learning environment. 

You will have many opportunities to develop beyond your A Level study. You will be encouraged to show initiative and be independent in your choice of extra and super-curricular activities. Within school, the House system brings girls of all ages together and works beautifully to give opportunities for leadership; the younger girls look up to the sixth form for direction in planning charity events, giving assemblies, coaching for sports, music, art and drama Inter-House competitions. The Liberal Studies programme with Dulwich College, running a club, getting involved in one of many Community Action projects, taking part in productions, concerts, teams and societies all add to the lively mix.

In addition to your challenging and rewarding A Level study and other cultural and sporting activities, JAGS Sixth Form students always demonstrate a most important core value of our school: we recognise that we exist within a community and it is vital that we contribute to that community at a local, national and global scale. Charitable endeavours are encouraged, promoted and celebrated here, and rightly so! 

We encourage applications from students who did not sit GCSEs at JAGS and who share our values and learning philosophy, and new girls are welcomed each autumn. The warm, friendly atmosphere of the Sixth Form space and the close, personal interest teachers take in each individual, make the transition into our Sixth Form happy and successful, preparing our students for maximising their potential and thoroughly enjoying the JAGS Sixth Form experience.





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Sixth Form Handbook 2017-18




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