Politics is a subject that changes with the events around us, promoting our students’ awareness of the world around them and often inspiring them to pursue their interests further in work experience and at university level. At AS Level we study the systems, institutions and debates of the UK system, exploring the UK’s democratic credentials. A2 involves a deeper exploration of the ideological framework of political practices, enquiring into concepts such as freedom, order and human nature.

Politics at JAGS has a very wide remit. Political history and the development of the constitution – the formation of today’s liberal democracy - are central concerns of the History and Politics Department and are dealt with from Year 7 onwards. We aim to prepare all JAGS girls to take an informed and responsible part in that democracy, whether they opt for Politics as an academic subject at A level or not. In this spirit, our Politics students have been keen to take the subject to the whole school, holding mock elections in 2005, 2010 and 2015 with party campaigns and a very high turnout. We anticipate a similar level of enthusiasm for our mock EU referendum in June 2016.

We ensure that students take full advantage of studying politics in London; in the 2015-16 JAGS students have:

  • Visited the Houses of Parliament for a tour and workshop
  • Taken part in a politics conference in Westminster Central Hall
  • Hosted talks from Helen Hayes MP and Charles Tannock MEP
  • Heard speakers at other venues including Mayor of London Boris Johnson MP, Hilary Benn MP, and former head of the civil service Baron O’Donnell
  • Attended a feminist panel at the London School of Economics
  • Participated in a day long revision session on political ideologies with Edexcel
  • Attended a Question Time session at Westminster Abbey
  • Heard Dominic Grieve MP lecture on the topic of a British Bill of Rights
  • Attended the Liberty schools conference on the Human Rights Act

This is in addition to weekly meetings of the Current Affairs Society, the Political Philosophy Society and the Feminist Society which are all student run. The department is also involved in the running of the Debating Society which enters students for national debating competitions.


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