DT & Computing

DT & Computing

Through a variety of creative and practical activities at KS3, pupils gain the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to engage in an iterative process of designing and making. They work in a range of domestic, local and industrial contexts.

DT Challenges and opportunities increase through GCSE to A level, at which stage girls can be designing and engineering very complex and challenging solutions to problems. We encourage girls to be forward-thinking, confident to take up unusual and exciting challenges and to use their valuable skills to improve life.

We have two bright, modern, fully equipped workshops, over 40 computers, a rapid prototyping machine, a 3D printer and two laser cutters. We have three design studios in which girls can design or make using textiles or work on computers to develop design ideas through drawing and modeling. Development work can include Arduino and PIC programmable electronics, VEX Robotics and BBC Microbit. Girls frequently use challenging programs such as Solidworks 3D CAD, various electronics and mechanisms simulation software and Adobe Suite in the development of products. 

KS3 Computing is embedded into a variety of stimulating design and make projects and is also taught as a discrete subject. Pupils are taught the principles of information and computation, how digital systems work and how to put this knowledge to use. Girls use a variety of coding programs including LOGO, Scratch and Python. We aim to encourage interest in problem-solving using new technologies. 


Computing at GCSE and A level

It is clear to all that Computing Technology is changing faster than ever before. Our digital world is ever expanding and there is very little that we do today that does not involve processing computer data of one sort or another. It is important that our pupils have a good understanding of this technology and how it affects them and the wider world. With this in mind we aim to develop a good knowledge and understanding of the capabilities of ICT and Computing and the ability in our pupils to solve problems through the creative use of this technology. 


The Computing department at JAGS works hand in hand with Design & Technology (and all other departments) in delivering key Computing skills to girls across the school and girls can choose to take Computer Science at GCSE and A level.

We offer a ECDL course (European Computer Driving Licence) to pupils as part of Liberal Studies and in conjunction with Dulwich Helpline, we invite a number of local older people, Silver Surfers, to come along to the school where help and support is provided by our pupils, and boys from Dulwich College.

We have numerous computing suites across the school available for use outside class time and all pupils are encouraged to use ‘Yammer’ our ‘Communication and Collaboration’ intranet when working on projects with other pupils and staff.

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