There are four houses at JAGS:

  • Bettany
  • Clarke
  • Desenfans
  • Holst

Inspired by significant people in our history: Caroline Bettany, pioneering Headmistress, Lilian Clarke, innovative Botany teacher, Margaret Desenfans, sponsor of Dulwich Picture Gallery and Gustav Holst, inspirational Music teacher. 

When you come to JAGS, you are allocated to a House for your whole time here, giving a real sense of continuity and creating strong house spirit.

Points mean prizes! Winning the House Shield at the end of the year is hotly-contested and points fly in from all directions: credits for academic work as well as involvement in House events and competitions.

Everyone contributes energy and ideas to the annual House charity event, and it's great to see Year 7 working alongside Year 13s to make it all happen. You can play to your strengths entering House competitions in sports, music, art, drama and dance.

This term each House has competed for the Junior House Drama cup, with a theme of Victorian literature. This year’s worthy winners are Bettany with their very fresh interpretation of 'Oliver'. We've also enjoyed Senior House Music, with this year's focus on songs in performance. These events, alongside Interhouse Swimming and the Senior Maths Challenge will make this an action-packed term!

Each of the four Houses also raise money for a charity for which they've voted. They get right behind them; often there's a personal link which gives weight to the choice. This year Bettany will be supporting the Baked Bean Company, Clarke chose the Italian Red Cross, Desenfans opted for the Motor Neurone Disease Association and Holst the Teenage Cancer Trust. Desenfans have already given us a Hallowe'en Fashion Show with a difference. We love supporting the House annual charity events and getting involved in the purpose behind it.

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