Co-Educational Programme with Dulwich College

Co-Educational Programme with Dulwich College

Having Dulwich College as a brother school means that JAGS offers all the benefits of a single sex education whilst still allowing plenty of opportunities to work, learn and network with boys.

From the Preparatory School upwards JAGS and Dulwich College pupils enjoy an enriching programme of joint activities (both curriculum based and extra-curricular) throughout the year.

Projects in 2016/17 include:

  • Y7 Disco
  • Y8 Barbecue
  • Y9 Geography Quiz
  • Y10 pastoral and academic workshops
  • A variety of joint music concerts
  • French exchange to Versailles
  • Upper school drama
  • History reading week
  • Model United Nations
  • Prefects fundraising events

Information on all JAGS events with Dulwich College for this school year to date

In the Sixth Form pupils take part in the Co-Educational Enrichment Programme with Dulwich College. For more information with the full list of courses on offer.

For details of co-educational activities with other Southwark Schools please visit our Southwark Schools Learning Partnership page

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