JAPS is a very happy community where there is an absolute commitment to providing the children with the best pastoral care. Our pastoral system has the following aims:

  • To produce an atmosphere in which all pupils are confident that they are liked, valued and respected, regardless of their strengths and weaknesses
  • To enable pupils to learn how they can help each other in their personal and social development
  • To offer sympathetic, effective guidance and counselling to the pupils as and when it is required
  • To contribute towards strengthening the links between the parents and the School. This recognises that the education of a child is a shared task involving positive contributions from parents/guardians, pupils and teachers.

All staff in teaching and non-teaching positions are involved in the pastoral care of all pupils in the school. Throughout the school the most important link in the pastoral chain is the Form Teacher: he or she is concerned with each child's overall welfare and makes a huge effort to ensure that all pupils feel happy and valued. All staff tell the Form Teacher if a child in the class has done something particularly noteworthy. In addition, the Form Teacher invariably gets to know the children's parents quickly, as there are many opportunities to meet on a formal and informal basis.

In the Prep School, each class has a Deputy Form Teacher, who provides an extra level of pastoral care for the pupils. In the Pre-Prep, the same effect is achieved by the Nursery Nurses and Teaching Assistants.

As of 2018, Reverend Cecile Schnyder is the acting School Chaplain - she can be contacted via

Buddy Groups

Buddy groups are small clusters of mixed year group pupils. The groups meet once every half term and support personal and social development. While class teachers invariably change each academic year, a Buddy teacher remains constant and girls will stay in the same Buddy group with the same Buddy teacher for the duration of her time in Pre-Prep and Prep respectively. This enables close bonds to be forged and a high level of care and individual understanding to develop, providing another important layer of pastoral care. Through team-building and other fun activities, a sense of belonging is nurtured.

School Council

Student voice is a valued part of school life both in the Pre-Prep and the Prep School. Through practising appropriate diplomatic methods for running meetings effectively and delegating responsibilities.

School Council has a three-fold vision:

  1. To give every girl at JAPS a 'voice',
  2. To help improve the school,
  3. To encourage everyone to become an active and responsible citizen.

In the Pre-Prep, the Council leads on Eco initiatives and represent the Reception - Year 2 girls by introducing and discussing the suggestions of the school community.

The Prep School Council, chaired by the Head Girls is involved in choosing charities to support and suggesting new initiatives for the school. The Eco Leader in Year 6 represents the girls at School Council.

Weekly meetings are held, following an agenda prepared by the Head Girls, to discuss current issues, read suggestions placed in the suggestions box and decide any course of action.

While undertaking a School Council project, the girls learn the importance of teamwork and communicating with everyone involved in the school - from the Head Teacher, the Kitchen and Dining Hall staff, the teachers, the Parents Association and parents to the girls themselves.

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