All the school’s a stage – enjoying Shakespeare at the Prep

Prep English

Celebrating Shakespeare Week, JAPS pupils immersed themselves in his writing and Tudor times. Activities included:

  • Shakespeare Bingo
  • Shakespeare Workshops actively exploring the language of the Bard
  • Y4 explored the meanings of idioms coined by Shakespeare
  • Y6 evaluated the relevance of Tudor manners in PSHCE
  • Y4 created Shakespearian insults in English
  • 6W put on an amazing assembly all about The Taming of the Shrew
  • Y6 enjoyed a trip to The Globe to see The Taming of the Shrew

“I loved learning interesting facts about Shakespeare’s life and getting to know more about
his famous plays. Did you know that Shakespeare was born and died on the same date?” Sanvi  Y5

“It was really fun doing some quotes from Shakespeare’s plays and doing actions for them.
My favourite line was said by Puck, a trickster from A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Mary Y5

“Shakespeare is amazing! My favourite play is Romeo and Juliet because of all the love,
hate, misunderstanding and revenge.” Ursula Y5


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