#JAGSgirlsCan – Dance!


‘Dancing at JAGS is a true joy and pleasure!’ as Lucy explains. On a wider level, #JAGSgirlsCan was also a chance for the sixth form to organise and run an all-age senior school event, pulling together the programme and poster design, the Box Office, Front of House, costume interval entertainment and the promotional video, raising £1000 for Teenage Cancer Trust and £800 for AFFCAD UK in their celebration of dance from round the world.

“I have always loved to express myself through the movement and freedom of dance; from a young age I have practised at a school in Greenwich where I learn ballet and modern. At JAGS we are given many wonderful opportunities to excel creatively and #JAGSgirlsCan offered everyone a chance to shine on stage. After finding out that I had made it into the show, I decided to create a solo piece using a cover of the song Valerie by Amy Winehouse. I chose this piece of music because it was beautiful and elegant and I tried to reflect these elements within the dance. Using a lyrical style, I created my piece in sections using the music as my guide and following the rhythm of the singer's voice and guitar. Leading up to the production, I found a costume which illustrated the expressive aspects of my dance. Despite feeling quite nervous before my dance, the atmosphere within the theatre was amazing. Overall, my experience of performing at #JAGSgirlsCan was incredibly rewarding and great fun. I also felt that there was an added sense of community with all the dancers and teachers. Dancing at JAGS is a true joy and pleasure!”

Lucy Bean Y10

I performed two dances at #JAGSgirlsCan, one of which was a solo using as my music piece from Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker. I wanted to use some music from this ballet as last year I danced as Clara in The Nutcracker. Although my dance was fully self-choreographed, I had experience dancing to the music so this helped me to choose the steps. I chose to dance en pointe which was a challenge in itself! I wanted to keep the theme of a young, excitable girl and for this reason I included many leaps, arabesques and turns. Like last year, the whole experience of #JAGSgirlsCan was rewarding: the backstage support and camaraderie between the girls made a night to remember.

Alex Barrington Y8


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