A little horse, all the way from Ancient Greece

Senior School Classics

"In March, we were privileged to have a visit from Dr O’Mahony from the Kallos Gallery in Mayfair. He gave an extremely interesting talk on the ages of Ancient Greece, explaining with artefacts that we were allowed to touch!

Dr O’Mahony brought with him three ancient Greek coins and a solid bronze horse. The coins were from throughout the eras and they demonstrated really well how quickly times were changing for the ancient Greeks: from it being thought of as hubris to show your face on a coin to displaying each Emperor’s face in relief on these coins. There was also a coin from the reign of Arsinoe the second, where the inscriptions were still clearly visible, even though they are thousands of years old.

My favourite experience was holding a solid bronze horse that was from the 8th Century BCE! He explained tous that it was a 'votive offering' that was left for the gods and that it also used to have a foal attached to it that has now been lost. This was my favourite because it was in quite a unique style, called 'Dorian.' This means that the horse was designed to have rings on the nose and ears that were touching which I had never seen before.

I enjoyed this talk because I was taught about things that I didn't know about before. I was also actually holding items from Ancient Greece! I hope to get another opportunity like this soon."

Cecily Foggitt Y10

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