“And that’s how three girls from JAGS saved RS”

Senior School Religious Studies

Well done to superheroes Maddy, Rosie and Barbora. Two sleeps and one weekend’s work in late November 2016 and their film was born. Save RS embraces the hot topic of what should and shouldn’t be in the school curriculum. You’ll have to watch it to find out how they achieve their goal. The content and especially the creative approach impressed the judges at the Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge and Maddy, Rosie and Barbora in Y9 were surprised and delighted to hear that they had been awarded first place in the Cambridge Religion on Film Competition.

“Life without RS would be impossible! We want everyone to know how important RS is,” they say in the film. “It's important for us all, ‘religious’ or otherwise, to know about world cultures. When they’re at school, many children start thinking independently without the influences of their parents. Religious Studies teaches them about the different paths they can take. With this knowledge they can decide if they want to be part of the religious community. 33% of the world’s population is not religious. That’s ok, however it’s still important for non-religious people to know about the cultures and faiths of others.”

Maddy, Rosy and Barbora were anxious to point out that they didn’t enter to win – it was a fun thing to do. “We chose the subject because we knew most about it – we didn’t want to get philosophical or anything. It’s quite embarrassing now to look at our acting all the roles of news presenters, government ministers, policy-makers and my dad even played a teacher! We were also ourselves. But it was good to give different perspectives.”

“When we were writing the script we left some parts unplanned, so we just took inspiration on the day,” said Barbora. Rosie said, “I enjoyed filming the most because it brought our ideas to life.” Maddy found the day spent editing was very frustrating and time consuming, but all credit to her patience. “We watched it on our phones, on laptops and on the form room smart board. Our form thought it was quite funny and entertaining, especially seeing us in different wigs. Some bits required a whole lot of takes! Others were quick.” 


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