Salve friends! – Y4 Roman Day


"My name is Anna and I am going to tell you about our Roman Day.  It all began on a Friday.  We had been told to come in dressed as Romans.  We all looked amazing!  Lots of people were wearing red sashes, white pallas and some of us even wore diademas!  The first event on Roman Day was the workshop.  We had a crazy Roman architect to run it!  After the workshop was over, we went to the feast.  There were olives, grapes, bread hedgehogs, cheese and lots more.  We played a Roman quiz and had to answer Roman questions in teams.  My favourite thing about Roman Day was dressing up as Romans!" Anna

"The best bit was the Roman feast, although I DID NOT like the anchovy sauce!  I was wearing a white cotton tunic and a pink sash that flowed down diagonally with a silver diamond buckle at the top…..Lady Octavia and her slaves were another highlight of my day.  I can’t believe that you were automatically a slave if somebody related to you was, or if you tried to steal some bread because if you didn’t your sister would starve.  They were so harsh! The Roman weapons were extremely useful in battle.  I will tell you my favourite weapon – it is the Pilum.  A two-sided spear that they made so when it is thrown, it bends when it lands and hopefully will get jammed in a shield and they can quickly attack while the soldier is trying to unwedge the spear from his shield." Yasmin

"Roman Day was really fun!  We went into the hall to do a fun workshop.  The man who did the workshop was called Mortimer Wheeler.  Firstly, Lady Octavia and some slaves were picked out.  One had to massage Lady Octavia, the other made her foot skin smooth and the last one had to grind spices.  One slave had to pretend to make snails drink milk and then give to Lady Octavia to eat.  Mortimer told us about the Roman armies’ formations.  There was a matching formation, a wall formation and a turtle formation…" Elise


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