Science Week Symbiosis

Senior School

A fusion of sensations for the whole senior school from making slime to stroking birds of prey to meeting our brains. For Poppy, listening to the sound of the sun was a revelation. It was a privilege to hear Dr Simon Foster share his research and enthusiasm.

“The sun: a vast, life-giving ball of nuclear fusion at the centre of our solar system and total mystery to most people. Including most of our year, as it turned out.  A man considerably less ignorant was Dr Simon Foster, a solar physicist who came to JAGS to lecture Years 9 and 11 about his work at Imperial College.

As someone considering studying Physics at A level, I found this talk absolutely fascinating. Space has been one of my interests for years, and to learn about solar flares and sunspots in the detail that we did was something I was more than glad to give up my afternoon for.”

Poppy Thwaites Y11

“Though I’m not thinking of doing Physics A level, I still found the talk interesting and enjoyable to listen to, even if I didn’t understand all of it.” 


“The highlight of the talk, for me, was when he showed us a graph showing how close the Apollo missions were to being hit by solar flares when at the time the scientists didn’t even know what solar flares were.”


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