TeenTech champions speaking live on Radio 1 and at the Global Innovation Forum

Senior School

What do Iona, Isabella and Ikea have in common? As TeenTech winners and ambassadors, our sixth formers are in a great position to speak and advise such giants on behalf of young people everywhere – and the invitations keep on coming.

“Over half-term in October, Isabella and I had the amazing opportunity to talk live on Radio 1. We were given guest passes and access to the BBC’s Broadcasting House in central London.  Along with two other young people, we had an hour long discussion with Gemma and Dr Radha on their weekly show, The Surgery. This week’s topic was Tech for Good, and we were invited as we had both won a category in the TeenTech national awards. They were wonderful hosts, making us feel at ease straightaway and asking thought provoking questions. It was fascinating to learn about everyone’s projects and what they had been working on, as well as answering questions listeners had asked us using the show’s #techforgood on twitter.

A week later, Isabella and I also talked at the 2016 Global Innovation Forum, with TeenTech’s founder and Tomorrow’s World presenter, Maggie Philbin. The forum lasts two days, and brings corporations to discuss trends in innovation and new product development. After watching numerous speakers from companies such as General Electrics and Kinneir Dufort, it was our turn to take to the stage. We discussed as a panel how companies could try and reach out to more young people and encourage them to feel empowered by technology. It was nerve-wracking talking to such a large group of professionals but we received some great feedback. Members of Ikea and Airbus even took the time to come up to us afterwards to exchange contact details and congratulate us, which was incredibly kind of them.

I would love to run my own business when I am older, so having the opportunity to interact with so many different companies and people has been a huge privilege.  I still cannot believe I talked live on a national radio station, it is definitely something I will never forget!” Iona Tompkins Y12

Maggie Philbin, TeenTech founder says: “We have decided to formally recognise schools like yours which we believe are going the extra mile in both supporting students to engage in this kind of activity but also running extracurricular programmes both for the benefit of their students and those attending or teaching at other schools. Your school has become a TeenTech Centre of Innovation and Creativity. ”

Congratulations to Ms Cook and the Design & Technology department.

To listen to the girls' interview on Radio 1 click on the tracks below.

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