Scholarships & Bursaries

We want JAGS to continue to attract intellectually curious girls, regardless of their economic background, so we have our own means-tested bursary scheme. We also offer scholarships to pupils who show exceptional potential academically and in Art, Music and Sport. 

Our bursaries are crucial in making us accessible to everyone, not just to those whose families can afford the fees. We provide financial assistance for up to 100% of fees as well as the costs of uniform, travel, trips and lunches. Bursaries cover well over 80% of all fees for the 130 pupils whose families currently receive them.

They may be awarded on entry at 11+ or 16+ and may also help current pupils continue their education at JAGS should their families’ financial circumstances change.

Currently the School funds at least 20 new bursaries every year and we will undertake new fundraising initiatives over the next year to help us increase this. A fifth of our most recent senior school intake receive financial support with an average of over 80% of fees covered.

Bursaries should be applied for subsequent to registration but by the end of December in the year preceding possible entry.

We award scholarships to recognise high academic potential or the ability to excel in art, music or sports. Up to 20 scholarships may be awarded each year based on the results of the Senior School Entrance Examination. The scholarships range in value from £500 to £1,000 per annum and may be supplemented on a means-tested basis in line with the bursary scheme.

We also award a number of sixth form scholarships based on GCSE results, these include awards through competition for Art, Economics and Music.




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