About Us

About Us

JAGS has been inspiring and educating pupils for over 270 years. We're the oldest girls' independent school in London. While we are proud of our history – it's made us who we are – we are very much a school of the present and the future. We celebrate the best of the old while embracing the latest innovations and technology.

Our day school pupils are drawn from a dynamic variety of cultural, social and economic backgrounds. We currently have 131 pupils on our own Bursaries with an average of 87% fees covered. Diversity is our strength but we share a common purpose: to help all our pupils fulfil their potential.

We know we are lucky and that we gain from sharing what we have. We are part of the community around us and being 'Good Neighbours' has been our policy for many years.

Our Aims

To encourage all pupils to develop to their full potential by stimulating their intellectual curiosity, enthusiasm and imagination.

To promote excellence in academic, creative and athletic endeavours.To teach the value of integrity, morality and a concern for others.

To enhance pupils' appreciation of their own and other cultures.

To develop pupils' self-confidence and independence so that they are well equipped to play an active role in society.

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